To Be Great Is To Be Misunderstood

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Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “To be great is to be misunderstood,” a statement that was true in the romantic period and is true today. Everywhere I look, I see stories of how the nerd who was bullied is now a member of Congress, and how the kid who dropped out of school is now making millions. Humans envy those who are greater than they are and selfishly put those great people down, just because they don’t want the brilliant person’s greatness to overshadow theirs. Examples include Albert Einstein, Elphaba from the Broadway show Wicked, and the criminals for the chow Criminal Minds all exemplify the truth that those who are great are misunderstood. Albert Einstein is considered one of the most brilliant minds ever, but when he was young,…show more content…
Her family hated her, people were afraid of her, however, she had great power. In the show, one can see how being green affected Elphaba’s life. She went to a magical school, where she finally felt that she was understood, but she was taken advantage of. She went to see the wonderful wizard of Oz, who she hoped would understand her, but she was tricked into using her powers for evil. And when Elphaba tried to set things right, her powers and her greenness turned the people against her. Elphaba could fly, read enchantments, and do magic that nobody else could, igniting the envy and selfishness all people are born with. Often, in today’s society, people don’t try to understand one another. Just like the citizens of Oz, I have the tendency to see someone strange and immediately judge them without even trying to understand them. If I see someone who might be great someday, I will probably be a little envious and think that person is different and strange. The citizens of Oz did the same thing that I would do; they saw Elphaba’s powers and perceived her as a threat because they misunderstood her. They didn’t try to understand her, either. They just saw someone who was different and great, and tried to put her down because they didn’t understand her story and
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