Guns Germs And Steel Analysis

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Prologue: The author presents a question by a politician named Yali from a trip to New Guinea in 1972 of how whites were able to bring a great amount of cargo than the natives already living in their land. Yali argues of why it was because of the environment advantage for the Europeans to claim land from the Native Americans to go against racial differences that were made. He also argues of how modern Stone Age people were capable of accomplishing more productions for their societies than those industrialized and how New Guineans are more luxurious in living compared to the Americans and Europeans because humans must have history with evidence. Chapter 1: The first stages of humans originated from Africa approximately 7 million years ago.…show more content…
He points out dates of agricultural practices such as The Ferile Crescent of SW Asia, China in 7500, Mesoamérica in 3500, ect. These were explained to prove of how food production was ran and turning into more domesticates that gave them to compete against other cultures and turned to guns, germs and steel. Chapter 6: Diamond discusses why human agriculture was vital human societies. He explains how the decrease in hunting gathering made humans turn to more animal domestication, plant agriculture, ect. in around 8500 BC. This allowed easier food access and profit to sustain human societies more efficiently. Chapter 7: Diamond discusses of how Humans developed domesticated crops for humans to safety consume. He discussed of how almonds became domesticated by humans only consuming seeds. They were able to grow them and make them edible along with fruits and vegetables from past agriculture. Chapter 8: Diamond showcases how the rise in food occurred in Fertile Crescent. By the Mediterranean climate arrangements were made to make plants sustainable for the types of climates that occurred. Agriculture was established in New Guiña in 7000BC because of their low

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