Singapore Cultural Culture Essay

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PT Westindo Cendika International No. ID : 00172220 Althea Rasendriya Task 1 GEOGRAPHICALLY Singapore is a city and a country in the South-East Asia. Since it is near the equator, Singapore only experiences two seasons (tropical). Australia, on the other hand, the only tropical part is the north area where there are variety of rainforests. The rest of Australia are in the subtropical area, where they are colder and thicker clothing are needed. Singapore has a population of at least 5 million while Australia has about 24 million people. The huge difference of the population does make sense. The size of Singapore is about 719 km sq. while Australia is 7,692 km sq. FESTIVALS Singapore has a huge variety of festivals and traditions. Even though it is a tropical country, they celebrate their festivals according to the northern hemisphere’s seasons. During spring, there are World Gourmet Summit (where people gourmet BBQs and have charity dinners), Singapore International Film Festival (where people watch variety of films over three weeks), and Vesak Day (where Buddhists serve vegetarian food at the temples and light candles or oil lamps). In these events, they share respect to each other by gathering together and share their moments.

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