Importance Of Padma Bridge Essay

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Padma bridge is the biggest project in Bangladesh .By taking this project government of Bangladesh has proved the present economic power without the help of world bank.Though it has a large political benefit or political purpose behind this project, it is really bold step. Obviously it is the great political decision to uphold the development activities ofAwami leaguein front of the present world as well as the citze3ns of people in our this projecttransportationacross the river, the bridge is expected lead to the greater integration of regional markets within Bangladesh national economy .The bridge is expected to push up growth in gross domestic product [ GDP ] 1.2 persent in the near future .In addition to people near both sides…show more content…
By investigation WB knew it.There had many actors ,visible and invisible persons. This corruption blame hampered Awamileague.In addition to the legality of this government were week and it is known world wide.they had decided the cost of making bridge will $ 2.9 billionsdollars. But they have again increased this cost in $ 3 billions. But we have no need this extra money said different organizations .Obviously they will take percentage from this money.To hide this corruption they decided to make this bridge with our own money.we have 14 billions reserve in federal bank.By this money they can do it.If they make this bridge international organization will invest next time in any development project. Conclusion: Padma bridge is the dream project of Bangladesh as well as this political party. Because this bridge will contribute our national economy. If this bridge is made our communication cost and time will decrease. Specially 21 districts will get much benefit and obviously this people will change their economic conditions. Specially people of Dhaka city will get much benefit . The price of essential commodities will be balance in all area of Dhaka. Again political party will get their political benefit such as money , support of people, international popularity and

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