Similarities Between The Storm And The Story Of An Hour

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Both Kate Chopin’s “The Storm” and “The Story of an Hour” were written during a time in history where women were restricted of many things and often worked inside their home. Women during the 19th century were viewed by society negatively and very rarely had any say in their marriage. In both of Chopin’s stories, the main female protagonists are evidently suffering with their self-identity during an era where women were depicted as weak. Kate Chopin’s, “The Storm” and “The Story of an Hour” both discuss the approach of two women who cannot control their sexuality while trying to discover their own independence because they both feel freedom when something happens with their husbands. It is apparent throughout “The Storm” how Calixta is unable…show more content…
Chopin starts by informing the readers about Mrs. Mallard’s heart issue; this begins the story with drama and tension that is about to happen. When Mrs. Mallard is first informed of her husband’s death, she is visibly upset and crying in her sister’s arms. The unusual feelings that soon come over her spark something inside of her and she is finally “free.” Mrs. Millard goes into a room by herself and looks out the window where she sees blue sky hears someone singing and smells fresh rain. The smell of fresh fallen rain is soothing and washes away all the past memories Mrs. Millard has been dwelling on. All that is happening to her symbolizes a new beginning and a fresh start. Her husband’s death is the beginning of her liberty. Mrs. Mallard is unable to control her emotions because for once, she is “free.” She has been struggling with her sexual desires and also the control her husband has on her. A women who just lost their husband usually would be more upset and grieving Mrs. Mallard did not really love her husband and did not marry him by choice. Mrs. Mallard’s death, a heart attack caused by happiness, is symbolic. She could have been happy to see her husband alive or was overwhelmingly happy when she grasped she was finally

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