Cave Of The Yellow Dog Culture Vs American Culture

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The movie, The Cave of the Yellow Dog, follows a nomadic family of sheep herders in Mongolia. This movie is mainly focused on the oldest daughter in the family who comes home from months at school. The conflict is between the girl and her father after she finds a young dog and brings it home. The father believes that the dog is bad luck and will bring wolves along with it. The girl defies her father and keeps it around. In the end the dog grows on the father and he brings it along with the family as they move on to the next area. The culture portrayed in The Cave of the Yellow Dog contrasts to the culture of the United States more than it is similar. The first notable difference between the culture portrayed in the movie and the American culture is the lack of wealth. The United States is a wealthy country where even our poor are generally better off than the poor in other countries. The movie portrays the family having little more than what they need and using everything around them without waste. In the United States people generally have more than they need and continually buy more despite there being little need. In the movie the father had to…show more content…
The first interaction in the story is the father going to meet the two hunters. He went up to them with food just to have a friendly conversation. Most of the time in the United states strangers will avoid each other and the most a conversation would consist of would be asking how each other is doing with a reply of “good” or “well.” The second interaction was when the oldest daughter was caught in the storm and went to the old lady for shelter. In the United States children are told to be afraid of strangers and to avoid them. The mother was grateful to the elderly lady and showed no concern for her child staying there compared to an American parent being very cautious about their child staying with a complete

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