The Kiowas: Kinsmen In The Night Sky

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I agree that cultural survival does rely on people’s ability to remember, preserve, and continue traditions. Without anyone to carry on a tradition it will slowly deteriorate and waste away. Consequently if we were to lose any tradition it will be like we are burning down a library filled with unlimited amounts of history. No matter how many generations pass N. Scott Momaday believes that the tradition gets passed down as well. “From that moment, and so long as the legend lives, the Kiowas have kinsmen in the night sky” (R.M.SCOTT56). According to the legend the “kinsmen in the night sky” would aid them with their suffering. Thus, N. Scott Momaday is showing us that the Kiowas have a legend that they treasure, and it will live on unless…show more content…
However, when his grandmother passed he felt depressed and empty. “The walls have closed in upon my grandmother’s house. When i returned to it in mourning,...A warm wind rose up and purled like the longing within me”(R.M.SCOTT58). At first Momaday felt depressed and sad, but felt relieved as he thought that his grandmother was still there. Just like the Kiowas legend of the kinsmen in the sky he believes that his grandmother is with him. N. Scott Momaday also brings up his personal recollection of his past to show the history of his tribe. “The Kiowas are summer people; they abide the cold and keep to themselves, but when the season turns and the land becomes warm and vital they cannot hold still”(R.M.SCOTT57). He explains how the life of his tribe was lively when the season turned from winter. Furthermore, he shows that he had fond memories of the tribe when he was younger. Although he is older now, the tribe is still lively when the season turns. Momaday also tried to find his identity when he was visiting his tribe. “As a child, you can’t help that, but as you grow older, the goal is to garner enough strenght to insist on your own definition of yourself”.(R.M.SCOTT50). Momaday felt that when he went to visit the tribe he will truly find

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