The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Compare And Contrast

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Detachment from ones surroundings "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" is a short story by, James Thurber, which allows the reader access into Mitty's fantasies through his daydreams. The short story was so captivating that it was composed into a Movie, and directed by Ben Stiller. The movie and the short story both describe a man who is going through the motions of life undetected. When analyzing their similarities and discrepancies the reader is shown how Mitty overcomes his continuing habits, such as daydreams, or how he proceeds to reprocess in them. For example, the short story portrays Mitty, in one of his daydreams, as a fearless and audacious individual when faced with the task of guiding a plane through a storm. He has the option to…show more content…
In the short story, Mitty is constantly troubled by his wife with such things as, driving over forty miles-per-hour. She is constantly discovering something wrong with what he's doing, and confines him into boundaries that are far the life he wants to live. He continues to let her control his life and never gains the recklessness to profess his opinions. On the contrary, the movie displays Mitty as the same man going through the same dull routine of life, but instead of his wife being the displeasure, it was his boss. Mitty's boss manipulate and publicly agitate him, because he knows Mitty would never respond in a timid way.Although his boss was a major annoyance, Mitty was also the master of his own torments. He desperately wanted to be with a women, but was too anxious to find the words. Unlike the short story, Mitty finally identifies his voice and stands up to his boss when everyone else is bowing down to him. Mitty also discovers a world, outside of his imagination, that completes every fantasy he has visualized. He gains the courage to confront the woman of his fancy with confidence. Once he breaks down the walls of comfort and familiarity he begins to live the life of his

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