Comparing Kate Chopin And The Storm By Zadie Smith

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In today’s culture of literature, writers have had a sense of freedom when it came to expressing the sensitive subjects that society often did not speak of. Because of their ability to voice their opinions, there has been a changing world that has become more apparent. There are modern writers such as Ernest Hemingway, Kate Chopin and contemporary writer Zadie Smith who paved the way for other authors and were reacting to an increasingly complex and changing world; there was a sense that new ideas needed to be expressed in new ways,” and often their stories were told in “… very gritty or realistic ways” (Kirszner & Mandell 126-127). Hemingway, Smith, and Chopin each have their unique way to portray a changing world through writing. Society and relationship issues have went from silent to becoming discretely known and brought to our attention because of such authors. The topics addressed from each author that were previously kept silent but in turn express a changing world are sexuality, gender roles, relationships, adultery, and abortion.…show more content…
“The Storm” tells a story of a wife who is stuck in her house alone because of a terrible storm that is coming her way (Chopin 270). As the storm approaches her husband and son are not able to get home to protect her so she remains alone until the storm passes. Calixta, which was the male adulterer in the story states, “now-well, no- her lips seemed in a manner free to be tasted, as well as her round, white throat and her whiter breast” (271). Because a man who is not her husband comes to the house for sexual relations the topic of adultery is being communicated in a “gritty, realistic way.” The approach of the man and woman in the story was without any remorse for the family the woman had. Chopin is able to portray a changing world through her writing by expressing the issue of relationships and the result of two people who are secretly lustful of each

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