North Dakota Oil Boom Essay

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In the past decade, there has been an oil boom in the small towns of North Dakota, which has brought a lot of money to the oil well owners and petroleum engineers. Towns like Wiliston and Watford city have experienced an oil boom which has made the state richer and is flourishing the town with a great diversity. A lot of people are migrating to North Dakota in search of jobs so that they can get high pay and can nurture their family. Because of the Bakken shale formation and hydraulic fracturing technology, the state has experienced rapid population growth, economic expansion and has now the lowest unemployment rate of less than 1%. High school graduates are earning a salary of six figures annualy. But apart from the state’s economy and growth, the oil boom has created a social impact on the lives of people. The effects of oil boom is causing hardship to the local people…show more content…
In the western parts of the state and the town of Tioga, people don’t have places to sleep (Holeywell). The situation of the town is so pathetic that people are sleeping in churches (Holeywell). The drivers are sleeping in their vehicles and are taking bath in park. According to Oldham, the cost of apartment has increased a lot from $350 to $2000 which is the most important reason for people to leave the state. Also, there is no bond between the oil companies and the workers. The companies just want their workers to work like slaves in North Dakota. They really don’t care about where workers will stay or what they would eat (Holeywell). And talking about Minot, a city in North Dakota, people are becoming homeless and the housing developers are charging very high rent (Holeywell). Because of this, the rural and tribal communities of North Dakota are facing a lot of problems. So, the housing shortage is one of the effects of oil boom in the towns and cities of North Dakota and has emerged as a big problem for the local

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