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Entry 1- The Relationship between Matt and Kate Throughout Crow Lake, Kate and Matt have shown their unique love for each other but also their distant connection as they age. Kate venerates Matt as a teacher and as a fatherly figure because he guided and inspired Kate to study and explore her horizon with post-secondary education. Matt taught Kate about biology ever since Kate was a child and she was inspired to study it more extensively. However, the true interest in biology was with Matt and “Matt saw that it was miraculous/, whereas [Kate] would’ve observed, but would not have wondered” (199). While Matt and Kate were visiting the ponds as children, Matt regularly taught Kate, but she didn’t contemplate her experience with Matt until she’s an adult and is force to research…show more content…
Matt was a bright student, but he has a responsibility for his girlfriend, who he got pregnant; therefore Kate felt what happened in his life is a “tragedy” (281). Kate avoids discussing about her life in university to Matt because she thinks she’s going to rub salt into his wounds. She was even willing to risk her relationship with her boyfriend, Daniel, because she was afraid that Matt will envy Daniel’s life as a professor. Every time when Kate writes a letter for Matt about university, Kate will ponder the idea of “[Him] reaching [her] letters and then going out to milk the cow”(286), because she is conscious about what she writes to avoid aggrieving Matt, but it caused them to lose interest in each other over time. Despite Kate teaching Matt in her dreams, she “Feel[s] ashamed of something [she] did in a dream. / [B]ecause [she’d] have to simplify it, and it seems to [her] that that would be a great insult to him.” (83). Despite all the turmoil Kate has concerning Matt, in “the core of [her], [she] found Matt in there” (193) along with everybody else she

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