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Based on the novel of the same name by Matthew Quick, and produced by renowned director David O’Russell, Silver Linings playbook has been a critically acclaimed success since its premiering in 2012. In a movie that combines comedy, drama and romance, we follow Pat Solatano (Bradley Cooper) through his readjustment into his old town, after having spent eight month in a mental institution. The cause of his detention is a mental illness not truly acknowledged in our society: bipolarity, and we discover the only way for Pat to live with it is to pursue his « silver linings ». Dolores Solatano, as the caring mother that she is, takes her son back home, though against the medicinal body’s advice, and brings him back into the frenetic rollercoaster that is life. In his hometown, he has to face the consequences of his previous desperate, violent actions committed after discovering his wife with her lover. In the…show more content…
It is those scenes that are criticized of discrediting the storyline, and indeed it shows some slight inconsistencies. “Silver Linings Playbook” is also filled with less-lightweight scenes of an OCD person’s mental breakdowns, as well as his relationship with others and false vision of reality. Those scenes are impregnated with incomprehension, self-hate, despair, and the spectator lives all of these strong emotions mainly through Pat, but also his friends and family. The effect of so much drama is not the one of catharsis, as used in the Greek society. Catharsis is the purgation of sins as the spectator sees the horror the characters have to go through because of their offensive actions. The effect of so much emotion here is; a broader understanding, and sensibility, or at least the birth of a

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