How Did Robert Diez Contribute To Science

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Robert Diez was born in Westfield, New Jersey on September 14,1914. He was the youngest of seven children. Robert Diez made many contributions to science such as marine geology, geomorphology, continental drift, plate tectonics, and planet geology. Most importantly, the study of continental drift and plate tectonics. Robert Diez used many different types of technology to study earth. Some of those were scuba diving, underwater footage, “aqua-lung’s”, cameras, and books. Robert Diez was a geologist and he was most known for creating the idea of continental drift, plate tectonics, and contributing to the idea of seafloor spreading. Robert Diez had many things happen in his life. Robert Diez studied geology at the University of Illinois. His father was a civil engineer and his mother was a devout Christian Scientist. His mother died when he was in highschool and his father died a few years later. Robert Diez died on May 19, 1955. This relates to Robert Diez as a person.…show more content…
One scientific contribution Diez made was mapping and interpreting the sea floor. He was interested in sea floor spreading and decided he wanted to explore and map the sea floor. He went under water and studied the sea floor for evidence of sea floor spreading. Now scientists use tools to create 3D images and technology to map and see what the sea floor looks like. Another contribution Robert Diez made to science was that he published influential papers with help from John C. Holden on geological aspects of plate tectonics. Since 1953, Diez had observed how the Hawaiian Islands and seamounts seemed to be moving on a conveyor belt. We know today that Robert Diez was correct and that they did

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