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In the film Signs, the faith of former priest, Graham Hess, is tested by God after the death of his wife, in order to save his family Graham needs to see and believe. Throughout the film the director uses flashbacks to show why Graham has lost his faith. Signs is a film about Graham Hess, whose wife, Colleen, has recently died, Graham’s son Morgan, his daughter Bo, and his younger brother Merrill who are trying to cope with the loss in their family and adapting to their new life, while there are aliens invading the planet and making crop circles all over the world including the family’s farm. During the film, Graham explains two philosophies about different people. He explains how one group of people believe that everything is by design and…show more content…
While watching his son being held by the alien, Graham has a flashback to his last conversation with Colleen whose life was being held together by a car and a tree. During their conversation Colleen has a message for each member of the family which she tells Graham, Colleen says, “Tell Morgan to play, tell Bo to listen to her brother, tell Merrill to swing, and tell Graham to see.” While remembering her message, Graham then begins to look around the room when his eyes fall on Merrill’s baseball bat which he used to break a Minor League record with a 507’ hit. Graham then decides to deliver his late wife’s message to Merrill and tells him to swing away. As Merrill is reaching to grab the bat from the wall, the alien begins to spray a gas on Morgan, but he isn’t affected by the gas since he has asthma so his lungs were closed so he didn’t inhale it. Merrill then starts swinging his bat at the alien, then the alien drops Morgan and Graham quickly runs and takes Morgan. Merrill continues to swing at the alien then the alien loses his balance and falls knocking down one of Bo’s unfinished glass of water which pours onto him. The family then sees the alien begin to bleed as the water touches his skin and they realize

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