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Silver Linings Playbook is a romantic comedy-drama directed by David O. Russell. I chose to complete my media analysis on this particular film because it was the most recent one and I am very familiar with the actors and actresses in the film. This film was released in 2012 and discusses bipolar disorder, OCD, and sex addiction. Pat, the main character, suffers from bipolar disorder but he calls it “undiagnosed”, however in the film we can see the apparent changes in his behavior. Those who experience bipolar episodes, sleep little, experience depression, and often make poor decisions without thinking of the repercussions. Pat’s father is diagnosed with OCD in the film. We see him sit remote controls in certain directions and many more things. OCD also causes his father to repeat rituals that he believes will help this favorite sports team win the game. Lastly, we have Tiffany, who becomes a sex addict once her husband died but she is recovering. I would also say that Tiffany has BPD. She displays many of the signs of someone with borderline personality disorder. She exhibits risky behavior, hostility, diminished interest in activities, diminished ability to concentrate, and mood swings throughout the film. She suffers from depression, like Pat and his father. According to DSM-5 sex addiction cannot be diagnosed, but there are many signs and…show more content…
Pat believed that the experiencing silver linings would help him get his wife back and retain his job as a history substitute teacher. At the mental institution, we see Pat pretend to take his medicine because he believes that it will only make his situation worse. This can be factual because I’ve heard many people, with multiple disorders state that their medicine does not work, but it however makes them believe that it does. Pat changes throughout the film by controlling his episodes and trying to maintain his life how it was before going to the

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