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Often time’s life is nothing as it seems. Some might agree that in life we would much rather avoid the facts because the facts can sometimes be too painful to face; by doing so you are living life as it seems not as it is. “Battle Royal” By Ralph Ellison is a story about a man who at one point in his life realizes that he was invisible. The character who is the narrator of the story was unaware of how invisible he is. He is an educated young man who innocently believes all of what adults tell him; and is extremely respectful of authority. It isn’t until he was invited to speak at an event held by prominent people in his town is when he realized life is nothing as it seems. To the naked eye “Battle Royal” appears to be about the mistreatment…show more content…
When the narrator arrives this is what he is met with. Keep in mind that this is a time where people of color are treated as second class citizens. Upon reaching this event “Battle Royal” he is told to take part in a boxing match against other schoolmates for entertainment. Before being forced to fight he was plague with the idea that the fight had the potential effect the very essence of the speech. A manifestation of this is when he swallows blood while reciting his speech, due to the pummeling he received during the boxing match. This is an example of his determination to say his speech even after being in discomfort in front of the town's leading citizens. Lastly his endurance is proven when he is being beaten in the boxing match and is willing to go through all of that in order to still deliver his speech. He says “I was limp as a dish rag. My back felt as though it had been beaten with wires”. These sequence of events prove that although he was an educated young man who came from a good family the “battle Royal proved to him that was of no significance outside his bubble. Again, the point I made early on still holds true, life is nothing as it

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