Anna Nicole Smith Vs The Wife Of Bath

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One in the Same: Anna Nicole Smith and the Wife of Bath It may seem a bit peculiar that a character portrayed in literature from the 1300’s could reflect real individuals in the 21st century. Nevertheless, such can be said for Geoffrey Chaucer’s character, The Wife of Bath, in his work The Canterbury Tales and the late socialite, model and reality star, Anna Nicole Smith. In addition to general characteristics and similarities both women seem to mirror the same outlook and circumstances. When considering her outrageous marriages, overzealous displays of sexuality, and love for money Anna Nicole Smith can be unquestionably compared to Chaucer’s Wife of Bath from The Canterbury Tales. A true Socialite in her own right, Anna Nicole Smith prided herself on her what she could offer a man and the riches he could offer her. Marrying multiple times throughout her life Smith was sure to marry a man that could endlessly provide her the lavish lifestyle she dreamed of despite their age. In 1994 Smith married her second husband, eighty-nine year old oil tycoon, J. Howard Marshall, who…show more content…
In comparison, Chaucer’s The Wife of Bath too married multiple times and coincidentally seemed to fall in the arms of only wealthy men. Smith and The Wife of Bath seemed to be women who not only enjoyed being wedded but needed such relationships to survive financially. Despite the death of their husbands both Smith and The Wife shamelessly looked for other prospects. Living

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