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Kamren Barlow Prof. Waugh Govt. 2305 24 November 2014 Signature Assignment In this activity having to do with burning the U.S. flag, I was able to hear different people with different opinions on the subject. The people against flag burning have points which, in my opinion, are weak. The people who were against banning flag-burning have reinforced my already-standing opinion on the issue. I found Jimmy Koyama’s take on flag burning to be interesting because he has a point when he says that Americans burn the flag because they believe that America can improve. They do not burn it for the sake of showing their hate toward it. I can agree with how Jimmy says that those who burn the flag believe that the “government should live up to the ideals…show more content…
Cramer with combat experience in World War II, as well as family in the military. He believed that the flag was a symbol he protected when fighting in war. I understand how soldiers fight to support the country, but I do not see how a material flag, even as a symbol, directly or physically hurts or degrades the U.S. and its citizens. This man’s viewpoint did not influence me to vote “Yes” on the bill. This is because U.S. soldiers are defenders of the people of the USA, not the image that symbolizes it. At the same community meeting, John Roberts spoke to me against the burning of the flag. His words made me learn that congress members have to put up with people who commit logical fallacies. John Roberts kept on saying that it was wrong and intolerable to allow people to burn the flag. The problem I saw in what he said was that it was built on opinion, and he never directly said that he was for or against the bill. His idea was ambiguous to me and therefore did not sway me to either end of the…show more content…
Some viewpoints influenced me to stay on my side because I see logic and reason to believe them. Mr. Koyama and the ex-pat’s points are examples of this. I learned that, depending on the congress member and the people who present themselves to her or him, congress members are surrounded by large amounts of pressure and work hard on deciding what is best for their home community and their country. This simulation strengthened my concern for the viewpoints of others because a few interactions with citizens made me realize that one person’s view can also stand for many others with the same

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