Citizen Kane Vs Casablanca

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To start with, I am a person who always enjoys watching films alone; no matter I am watching a comedy or a crime thriller in a cinema or on the laptop. As a non-native English speaker, I find it rather difficult to follow English films without subtitles, instead of going to the screenings on campus I have decided to watch the feature films on my laptop. This gives me a great autonomy in my viewing experience as I can watch, pause and stop the film anytime I want. Moreover, I find myself more concentrated when watching films alone, where I would have a higher degree of isolation and not being distracted by the surroundings. Hugo Hugo, the first 3D film of Martin Scorsese, is the first film screening in this unit of study. Before watching it,…show more content…
Both films were made in the 1940s, and both films are still regarded as the greatest movies of all-time. I believe no one would disagree the films were so prominent that they had shaped the cinema since 1940s. Both films are very engaging and I appreciate them a lot. Although I find Casablanca more enjoyable to watch, I still love Citizen Kane more and I think it is a greater film. Firstly, we can see a great transformation in film production in merely twenty years after The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in nearly all aspect. I think that film was not merely an art form but had also become a form of entertainment. The filming industry has become much larger and the studios were willing to spend more money on filmmaking. Also, the advances in technology had enhanced the diversity of filmmaking with the introduction of new apparatus, which enabled a variety of camera movement for cinematographers. This had encouraged filmmakers to explore different storytelling methods and so a number of narrative structures are…show more content…
It also conformed to the general impression of Hollywood films; for instance, we can see a self-sacrificing heroic protagonist, an expected good ending, and cast that were consisted of notable actors. From Casablanca, as a spectator I had experienced how the Classical Hollywood Style was like and how it had shaped the mainstream cinema and expectations of audiences till now. For example, majority of the audiences find the plot to be the most important and they expect the plot to be clearer and more straightforward when experiencing cinema. Therefore, as a form of entertainment, I think spectators may find Casablanca to be more enjoyable than Citizen Kane. Overall, I find both films very entertaining and enriching not only in the context of this unit of study but also to my ongoing film viewing

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