Should The Catcher In The Rye Be Banned

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For many years, even since publication The Catcher In the Rye has been one of the soul topics of discussion in many debates on the subject of banning a book. The novel has received both love and hate, and has been discussed worldwide. The Catcher In the Rye is the story of the recollection of Holden Caufield and his experience of his last Christmas. Holden is a young teenager who has suffered and gone through many life experiences such as death, sex, foul language, smoking, alcohol abuse, and much more. Holden experiences these types of problems on his trip to New York which he takes after getting expelled from his school Pencey Prep. On this trip he is introduced to ideas and people which ultimately lead to him experiencing the life problems which he faces. This type of behavior and experiences that Holden has experienced is one of the many reasons in which the book is seen as controversial and frowned upon by many. Although many believe that the novel should be banned, it is crucial that The Catcher in the Rye should not be removed from any…show more content…
First off, banning a book because of an issue such as profanity and foul language is ignorant and foolish. Through life kids, teens, and adults will encounter profanity daily. For example nowadays profanity is seen everywhere whether it be on television, movies or as seen in The Catcher In the Rye in books. The language used in The Catcher In the Rye is not as bad as some language used today, throughout the novel Holden uses words that aren’t that bad such as “damn”, “crap”, and “hell” these words are not as bad as some of the language that is used in many movies that are “suitable for kids under the age of a high schooler. Based on these example banning a book due to the use of harmless words is foolish and disregards the true message of the book and the meaning in which Salinger is trying to get

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