Catcher In The Rye Should Be Banned Essay

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The Cater In The Rye is a book about the incredible stories of a sixteen year old boy, written by J.D. Salinger. Throughout the book there is many things that the main character, Holden, experience that tamper with legality, and wrong-doings. These popular stories of Holden are exciting and interesting, they often offend many people so far that they believe the book should be censored. Despite excellent points are made as to why the stories should be censored, an astounding amount of people declares otherwise. A large amount of people agrees that the J.D. Salinger book should remain uncensored for various reasons. People state the case that all books are more enjoyable when they are reading the way it was exactly written. First of all, if the book was censored and curse words or crude sayings were removed from the text, it would leave the section of the story less comedic and take away part of the author's humorous personality. In addition to that statement, if the book was censored, the book would would not be experienced when being read the way Salinger intended from Holden, the sixteen year old boys, point of view.…show more content…
A large portion of the book negotiates about and involves prostitutes, which is highly illegal in a great deal of states, including California. An immense amount of people agrees that this should be censored due to the fact that they believe it will negatively influence the innocent minds of young adults and old teenagers into wrong-doing and law-breaking decisions. Along with the prostitutes, the The Catcher In The Rye also contains a tumid sum of unnecessary crude language and statements. Due to all of this, parents and their children may have a hard time reading this book which obtains curse words and discussions about sex and sexual

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