Why Is Catcher In The Rye Banned

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Expectations, love, thought, ideas, inventions, comprehension, criticism, and faith are what is in society, and we incorporate these aspects in our lives as we mature and learn. J. D. Salinger wrote The Catcher in the Rye, a book, which addressed these ideas in the 1905’s. However, there was large volumes of controversy, and as result of children being exposed to this content and the public being exposed to the large amount of vulgar content the book was banned in certain areas. Some of the reasons for the banning was obviously the exposure to the vulgar content and the fact that the book was associated some assassinations. On the literature side of the book there was difference again. It was written differently from others; this different style of writing was written in an erratic way known as stream of consciousness, and it is similar, in nature, to how humans think.…show more content…
The main character, Holden, over the course of about three days goes around New York, and as he goes around these thematic ideas are picked along the way. The book was inspired of some works, but the book had also had sparked other similar works. One notably was “Marriage” the stand-up poem by Gregory Corso. It also, in context, was based around the 1950’s time and also addressed some of the same thematic ideas. So, naturally they are able to share a theme. The theme being that the ignorance in the world that is fueled by society's expectations doesn’t have to apply to you; the ignorance in society is escapable. This is a theme that is supported by both the poem and The Catcher in the Rye through characterization, the characters like Holden and young man in the poem progress; events, the actions and effects show meaning to the theme; and symbols, they back up the theme with their meaning and in their

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