To Kill A Mockingbird Point Of View Essay

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Question 1: To Kill a Mockingbird is told in a first person view by the story’s main character Scout. Lee chose this point of view because Scout was young and didn’t fully understand all the issues in the world, so as she got older, you could see her get a better understanding. This is also why it enhances the telling of the story, along with Scout’s own opinions of all of the topics. An example would be in chapter 9 when Cecil Jacobs say some vulgar things about Atticus defending a black man in court. Even though she doesn’t understand what he says, she gets angry and asks Atticus which shows she doesn’t understand a lot of the issues in the world. This point of view may limit the story because she doesn’t have a full understanding of the…show more content…
External conflicts would be most of the white people of Maycomb treated black people poorly. One way the conflict was somewhat resolved was when it took a long time for the court to declare Robinson guilty and when Bob Ewell was following Helen around and Deas said “you can stay away from my cook or I’ll have you up for assault. Another conflict was the gender discrimination. Scout was told many times by people like Aunt Alexandra that she had to act more “lady-like” and that she shouldn’t wear overalls. Another example would be that women couldn’t be in the jury. It was also an insult if you acted like a “girl.” A way that this conflict was changed was when Aunt Alexandra handed Scout her overalls after the accident or the fact that Atticus didn’t mind that she wore them. Another conflict was with class status. For example, Scout was forbidden to play with Walter Cunningham because of his social status. This example was resolved when Scout realizes that that social status doesn’t matter. An internal conflict with Scout would be that she is afraid of the Radley house. This is resolved when Scout meets Boo Radley at the end of the book and realizes he is a really nice

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