Should Student Athletes Be Paid Essay

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The topic of debate among college student-athletes being rewarded and funded for their efforts and contributions to athletic turnouts has been a hot button issue in the recent history of the NCAA. Many groups of people believe that student-athletes should be paid for their hard work on and off the field. This is supported by the belief that college athletes can be forcibly taken advantage of, by the NCAA, and exploited upon to gain profit industrially. The young men that put in the hard work and dedication to their sport and education are likewise rewarded by no means. This is, by theory, slavery constitutionally. To exploit someone’s talents in order to profit for personal gain and then not reward the achieved athlete who’s responsible for 100% of the revenue…show more content…
This is a result of the NCAA being a constant non-profitable organization throughout the course of their existence. It’s simply too big of a topic with little contradicting, strong evidence and supporters on its side to overrule the ideal of no pay to all student-athletes. Things CAN be done to help the average undernourished college athlete in their academic and athletic journey throughout College. We can provide athletes or teams with more money per individual or as a whole as far as commodities such as foods, necessary clothing, books & other school equipment, a tutor, and meal deals go to appropriately support and keep the student-athlete in a healthy state and properly nourished. This concludes my opinion and point of view on paying college athletes in the NCAA. Overall, I do believe college athletes should be paid, however I don’t ever believe they will be. This doesn’t mean we can’t still try an achieve justice and reward these athletes anyways, but I believe we can start small and at least begin to provide every single college athlete with the necessary school equipment, tutors, food and necessary clothing. Thank
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