Should Shakespeare Be Taught In Schools

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Why is it that Shakespeare, being one of the most well known authors in history,is also one of the most controversial? Reading Shakespeare's plays may seem to be just a normal school assignment, but the overall advantages of reading it extremely overpowers the disadvantages. High schools should continue to teach Shakespeare as it challenges the student with rigorous language/style, offers perception into the world around us, and introduces knowledge about human behavior. Shakespeare is an essential part of school curriculum as it enhances the students vocabulary with its difficult language. In order to understand the various meanings of Shakespeare, the student must increase their vocabulary as well as their analytical technique. By…show more content…
Most times, “Shakespeare's audience didn’t know the meaning of every word uttered..”(Text 4) Although many may believe this, if the student analyzes the text, they will be able to decode it and therefore “gain the knowledge provided in it”(Text 1). One cannot deny that since Shakespeare’s language (old english) is not used today, it is difficult for students to learn and therefore “becomes drawn out and confusing”(Text 4). However, Shakespeare is read in order to create an understanding of literature as well as improve writing skills. “We may not use the same language as this playwright did, but his work creates an understanding of literature and language that leads to greater writing skills”(Text 2). Many believe that understanding Shakespeare's language is a waste of time because the students will never use the words after learning them. According to many, “there needs to be more emphasis on contemporary literature”(Text 2), which is literature generally after WWII using words far more recent than Shakespeare. However, what students acquire by retaining all of the rigorous vocabulary will stick with them through high school leading to better test scores. It is clear that, “..because they provide students with better test scores, they are better prepared college bound students..”(Text 1). Although it can be argued that shakespeare is not worth the time or effort spent teaching it, students take away a vast understanding and comprehension of the work and use it in their future
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