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Introduction: This experiment is aimed to determine which ingredient within different types of coke produces the largest reaction with Mentos. The basic ingredients of Mentos and Coke are the main contributors to the explosive result. Mentos contains gum Arabic and gelatine while Coke contains caffeine, potassium benzoate and aspartame. The rough surface of Mentos provides growth sites for the carbon dioxide which will then lead to the breaking up of the strong polar attraction among the water molecules (insert citation). When Mentos is dropped into the soda, the gum Arabic and gelatine contained in Mentos breaks the surface tension of the water. These are surfactants that breaks the hydrogen bonding of water, making it easier for bubbles to form. The Carbonic Acid (Carbonated water) breaks up into carbon dioxide and water which can be expressed in the following chemical equation:…show more content…
These tiny pits are called nucleation sites. Nucleation is the growth of carbon dioxide bubbles within the solution. Mentos is denser than Coke and will then sink to the bottom, the foam rises rapidly as soon as the gas is released and takes the surrounding liquid with it (insert citation). Consensus of opinion, however, claim that the explosion caused by the reaction between the two substances is purely a physical reaction and not a chemical one. The carbon dioxide in carbonated water has been dissolved through a high pressure process that can also be linked to Henry’s Law which states that the solubility of gas is directly proportional to the pressure applied when dissolving the gas (insert citation). This can be expressed in the following formula: P =

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