Should People Be Prosecuted

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Should People be Prosecuted for Online Privacy? I think prosecuting people for online privacy is something that the government should look up for the people. One of the reasons is that it's not okay to download files illegally. You would pay a payment that is reasonable for music, films, television shows, games, and software. People who download illegal files should be fined but not that much.Illegal downloading is inappropriate for all ages because they are not permitted by the company who uploaded it. There are various internet companies that allied together to fight against illegal files and songs. There is a lot of illegal files that are downloaded to my desktops, phones, tablets, etc. Sharing private data and sensitive networks in your computer illegally is also committed a crime even if you didn't had nothing to do with it, it's your electronic device. Even when you do this and you don't get caught your electronic device would probably get infected by many viruses. It is against the law to upload or download copyrighted without permission of its rightful owner.…show more content…
The law should make a reasonable price for a download. A lot of people do this and some are lucky to not get catched. The people who do, well they get a really expensive charge of illegal document and some of them an even thrown in jail because of threats. People should make sure they can buy music and other files in the internet where they can legally buy it for more cheap or estimated amount. It’s a terrible crime at the end but we should all stop doing this before they can catch us or day even sent us to a place we all do not want to
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