To What Extent Should People Be Prosecuted For Online Piracy

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Should people be prosecuted for online piracy? Online piracy has be occurring for many years and it has spread across the nation. It has caused a lot of controversy whether those who get caught should get in huge trouble. People who do online piracy should be prosecuted for downloading music, documents and files illegally. Most of the time those that have been caught get charged a lot of money and sometimes even sentenced in jail. All coming to the fact that when pirating their are many risks that people aren’t aware of and it hurts them greatly when they least expect it. Those who have done piracy are not that innocent and should be aware that they are breaking the law. “It is against the law to up or download the copyrighted works of others without express permission.”(Source 1) Even though those who do piracy aren’t precisely stealing the items but just copying it. It’s not right to not give the creator credit for their work. With picray their is many ways that people had downloaded items without picray. For example a few years their was a website called “Limewire” and when on the site you were able to download any song you wanted without paying any money for it. Whoever is the creator of the website did picray for all the songs on the site and gave no credit to the creators of the songs. This site eventually broke and the creator was most likely confined with time in…show more content…
“When you participate in peer to peer networks, private data and sensitive documents on your computer become accessible to others, depending upon the setting you choose.” (Source 1) When downloading illegal items you can put yourself in danger by the unaware danger of websites. You should be aware and that by getting items illegally there may be people trying to get your information too I mean if they were able to get the items you want why would they be able to get your

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