Short Story: The Generation Of Miracles

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The spring air was crisp as he walked the grounds of Seirin High on the first day. Voices echoed around him, calling to the new students excitedly, and encouraging potential club members. Tetsuya ignored all of them, taking advantage of his low presence to slip easily through the crowd, until he got to the Basketball stand. The two sitting there, a boy and girl respectively, hadn’t noticed Tetsuya as he scribbled out an application form. They were speaking of the Generation of Miracles, wishing one of them would be able to attend their no-name school. “It’s unlikely,” the boy said. Tetsuya took note that both the male and female were Alphas, given how strong their scents were. “The Generation of Miracles would go to some well-known school for…show more content…
You tell Akashi nothing of this, and I won’t kill you.” Aida glanced down at his application and her eyes widened almost impossibly as she read the middle school he attended. “Y-You attended T-T-Teikō Middle?!” She stammered excitedly, looking up. However, the blunette first year had vanished. Soon, a tall figure loomed over them in the form of Kagami Taiga, and all thoughts of Kuroko Tetsuya had vanished. The day passed by slowly with people getting scared from his mere presence. Tetsuya was used to it, of course. He had been born with this low presence and, most likely, it would never go away. He was unsure if he should change out of his uniform since he was a manager but decided to anyway since he was going to a sports club. He grabbed a notebook and pen so that he could take notes on the players and the training regimen Aida put them through. He’d have to ask Momoi what the duties of a manager entailed. Tetsuya entered the gym before the other first years and tapped on Aida’s shoulder to gather her attention. She shrieked again, whirling around to face him. “Honestly, Kuroko, you’re going to give me a heart attack at an early age,” she complained. “Sorry,” Tetsuya

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