Short Story Splintered

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‘Splintered’ by A. G. Howard, is a story about a girl descended from the Liddell’s, named Alyssa Gardner. She can hear plants and insects which is a curse passed down from female to female in the Liddell line. When she goes to visit her mother at the asylum she was committed to, a strange phenomenon occurs, and Alyssa’s mother is in danger of receiving electro-shock therapy, as a finally bid by her father to get her mother back. This string of events drives Alyssa to find the rabbit hole that her great-great-great grandmother fell down, to try to fix Alice’s mistakes, and reverse the curse. But when thinking of her heart’s desire, and going through the mirror to London, she envisions Jeb, her best friend going with her. Now having gone through the mirror with Jeb she finds Wonderland is not the whimsical story Louis Carroll was fed by…show more content…
Zombie flowers that eat bugs (A. G. Howard. ‘Splintered.’ p.110), the “The eater becoming the eaten (A. G. Howard. ‘Splintered.’ p.110)!”, the Walrus, or Octobenus, kills his partner in a fit of gluttony, and the Caterpillar is a mischievous netherling, named Morpheus who may be hiding more than he lets on. Through their adventures Alyssa fixes Alice’s mistakes, in the process making her eligible for Red Queen, but when all is done and she is crowned. The spirt of Queen Red emerges from her and tries to take over her body and use her like a puppet to rule Wonderland in. Alyssa fights her off and Morpheus explains that he was bound by the Deathspeak of Red to get one of her half netherling descendants from when she pretended to be Alice, onto the throne with Red using them as a puppet (A. G. Howard. ‘Splintered.’ p.330). Morpheus is then swallowed by the Bandersnatch. Alyssa realizing that Morpheus died to protect her, tries to get her mind off of his death by
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