Summary Of Claire Mcintosh's Digital Deception

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In the article “Digital Deception,” author Claire McIntosh informs about the negative aspects of online dating and how there are a lot more to find than what singles expect for. She goes to talk about the increasing online dating sites and how they’re poorly regulated as well as revealing some untold lies behind the computer screen. By providing personal stories of people that were online dating and their results and statistics that reveals the deception, McIntosh successfully communicates to her readers about the dark underside of online dating. In her article, McIntosh starts out by telling a story about an online dating incident. Before addressing the downside of online dating, she affirms the positive rate of partnerships resulting…show more content…
With true stories being told, readers would be more interested and convinced about the digital deception. Readers would also better connect to the article on a more personal level. McIntosh sets an example out at the beginning of her story when she described Lisa’s situation between her and Donald. McIntosh goes into the story saying how Lisa “had no doubt that Donald, a wealthy businessman she had met on an online dating site, was her soul mate.”(229) He soon proposes to her, and they both bought “a million-dollar home and ordered $30,000 worth of furniture.”(229) A little while later during their couple’s retreat, S.W.A.T. officers came and her fiance was “arrested on charges of fraud and larceny.”(229) “Through bogus deposits to her accounts and other means, he’d taken her for $12,000.”(229) Not only was Lisa mislead, but she was also taken by a cause of fraud. Reading this makes McIntosh’s article more relatable because it’s a true story being told. Without providing this example, some readers may believe that something like this would not happen to them because there are far more stories of successful online dating relationships than scandals; but in reality this can happen to anyone. Fraud can happen to anyone. Adding this example connects the audience to the article, making for a more relatable

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