Short Summary: A Short Story: Midnight Harvest '

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Midnight Harvest Long ago when society was mostly of rural and agricultural, farmers would pray to Mother Nature for assistance right before the rebirth of spring. When they would witness healthy crops the following season,they knew Mother Nature had answered their prayers. Nothing brought more joy to Mother Nature than to hear and feel the love of her children rejoicing over her gifts. Many did not know what changed with their beloved Mother Earth. All they knew was something was wrong when none of their petitions were being met. Dead weeds were found all across the fields,they were infested with all types of parasites. Weeks went by and her presence was no longer felt among the farmers. Rumors began to circulate that she was involved intimately with another…show more content…
He blocked her kicks with both his hands but failed with the last one. The pain erupted against his side, it knocked the wind out of him. He tried to stand tall but her hatred came at him with full force, like an enemy she gave him an acute punch to his jaw. With one sudden move, he managed to grab her and slap her on her back onto the ground. She struggled her best in order to be released from his tight grip but was unsuccessful. He had her pinned on the ground while his weight was on top of her. He demanded her to listen to him. He told her he was sorry for hurting her and to remember the bond they had. He asked for forgiveness over and over again. Mother Nature was being driven by her pain but broke free from it for a few seconds by remembering the profound love they shared. But the vision of him being in other woman arms a place was she felt loved and safe made its way back to her. She told him that he will never be free from her.But that she will be,she shouted out into the night Cyrus's name pleading to have her request fell at that

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