Gabba Dancy Dance Monologue

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On your way home today your mind wanders back to what it has been like over these past couple years and all that you have manage to become as a result. How in the beginning there had even been a few moments you found yourself considering whether you could really make it. How easy it would have been to just give up and quit. There were days that just never seem to give in and let you breathe, and desire to rise away from the deep dark place that had become your existance. Then slowly you recall how their words had given you that fuel the fire within to do more than just survive. Those words had tried to hold you down until there was nothing left but tiny embers and ashes, yet still you were able to invision the safe, happy, healthy, beautiful…show more content…
Around you is a perfectly size Chocolate brown sectional. Where all five of you comfortably snuggle up to watch the movie of the week during family time with your white-hot coca and real mini marshmallows. There is one side table with a small lamp just bright enough for one more chapter out of Charlotte’s Web before bed each night. While you stand there, you cannot help but smile so deeply that it touches your soul when you look over the wall of family portraits you have so proudly displayed. It comes from the image of your daughter only minutes old being held up by her father with tears streaming down his cheeks, and at her first birthday wearing only a diaper, pink headband and ears sparkling from the diamonds you were able to have her ears pierced with only days before, diving into her very own cake. In addition, the collage of all the years sitting on Santa Claus’ lap at the mall. Your son’s first birthday photos just learning to walk with mom and dad on either side of him holding a

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