'Separate Peace': Questions And Answers

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1. Discuss what Junior teaches the people around him. Junior teaches the people around him that although they cannot choose where come from, they can choose where they go from there. Junior was born in a poor family and a poor Indian reservation. Poverty has squashed hope on the reservation such as alcoholism. However, Junior hasn’t give up, he still hopes and dreams that things can change even he is in the darkest situation which against him. He decides to leave his home to find himself and fights for a better life. He teaches people that if they can dream about something, they can do it. They learn how to stand up for themselves, and believe in themselves. One example is Junior’s sister, Mary. She decides to get married and leaves her…show more content…
Junior is very kind because he sympathies to the action of his best friend Rowdy. He teaches that how to accept the other’ weaknesses or other’ different viewpoints and respect their feelings. Even if everyone misconstrues Junior’s decision and blames things on him, he is willing to forgive for them. People learn that unselfishness is the important quality for true friendship. In the end, Junior and Rowdy can become friend again after breaking up and fighting. After all, Rowdy really understands Junior’ affection for him and treasures their friendship. 2. Near the end of the book, there is a chapter called “Rowdy and I Have a Long and Serious Discussion about Basketball.” Summarize the chapter and discuss why the title is humorous. In the chapter “Rowdy and I Have a Long and Serious Discussion about Basketball”, Junior and Rowdy exchange e-mails a few days after the end of basketball. Junior apologizes Rowdy because Rowdy’s team was badly beaten in the basketball game. Although Rowdy calls Junior a “faggot” and laughs at him, Junior is heartened by Rowdy's reply because he realizes that this is the first time Rowdy has actually talked to Junior since he left the reservation. Junior feels happy and more hopeful that they might make up their friendship in the

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