The Tempest: The Shipwreck Of The Sea Venture

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The Tempest is generally correlated with a shipwreck. The shipwreck portrayed in The Tempest closely related to the shipwreck of the Sea Venture, a ship which crashed in the Bermuda triangle. The Sea Venture was a seventeenth century ship which was the flagship of the London Company. The London Company was a joint stock company where different stakes and stocks were bought and owned by sharecroppers. The company was established by King James the first with the desire to establish colonies in North America. The vast London Company took possession of many ships, including but not limited to The Sea Venture. Ships were sent to, and from America to transport goods, as well as colonists. When the company acquired its charter (right) in 1609, it…show more content…
There are no extra-terrestrial beings living in the ocean, or any prehistoric birds. Many of these incidents have been told differently every time, and people have the tendency to remember the most interesting and alluring reports. According to National Geographic, “number of disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle is no greater than any other similarly trafficked area of the world’s oceans, they don’t really need an explanation.” This reveals the truth behind the “Devil’s triangle” and shows that most incidents have been heavily influenced by retelling. After the captain managed to crash the ship into the island shore, Gates was disappointed to see that only 60 of the original colonists who resided in the Colony of Virginia had survived the Starving Time of 1609-1610. Most of the remaining 60 were terribly ill and despite the abundance of food that was brought by Gates and his crew, the colony ultimately saw devastation. The survivors eventually deserted the colony and sailed back to England abroad Deliverance and the Patience. This marked the end of the

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