Sensorimotor Stage Child Essay

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1. What are the general characteristics of the sensorimotor stage child? This sensory input and motor response stage is when children are exploring and learning the physical concepts of their bodies and the world around them. Children at the sensorimotor stage are not yet grasping cognitive concepts and therefore would have no notion of Santa and everything he represents. 2. On encountering Santa, explain how the sensorimotor stage child would react and behave. Most children would react and behave in the same way, frighten. When children meet Santa for the first time they kick, scream, and cry. On the other hand, some children could be intrigued by how Santa looks and all the presents near him and therefore react in a different manner. 3. What would this stage child observe and believe? The child would observe the vivid colors that Santa wears, red and white. Also, the big belly, the low and powerful…show more content…
How would the sensorimotor child approach or deal with this experience? Children at this stage would be very resistant when approaching Santa and possibly refuse to let go of their mothers or fathers. To deal with the Santa experience, the mothers, fathers, or another family member could accompany the child to make the experience a better one. 5. What are the general characteristics of the preoperational stage child? In the preoperational stage, children’s imaginations begin to grow and they begin to pretend play. Children’s logical thinking is one-sided and they have a hard time seeing other points of view. At this stage, children have the ability to imagine the notion of Santa. 6. On encountering Santa, explain how the preoperational stage child would react and behave. Children in this stage feel excited about seeing and meeting Santa to tell him all their wishes for the holiday. During the holidays, parents tell their children about Santa’s naughty and nice list encouraging their children to behave so they will receive lots of

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