Scrubs Satire

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On October 2, 2001, the first episode of the television show Scrubs was aired by NBC. The show, created by Bill Lawrence, who was inspired by the experiences of his college friend, a medical resident at Brown Medical School, followed the journey from residents in into doctors of several medical residents, and aired for nine seasons until it was cancelled in 2010. Scrubs was a comedy, but undoubtedly a type of comedy that had never been executed as well as it was with Scrubs, which was unique in the way it could tie in drama, sincere emotions, and tears from the audience, to overall comedic situations. Scrubs was created by Bill Lawrence, who was also the show-runner and an executive producer, and wrote fourteen episodes and directed seventeen. The original idea for the show came from…show more content…
Production issues began to appear during the filming of season seven, when the Writers Guild of America went on strike on November 5, 2007, right in the middle of the seventh season’s production. Only eleven of the planned eighteen episodes had been filmed, and during the strike, NBC put both Scrubs and The Office on hiatus. The final episode of the season was produced and completed by ABC Studios, who used non-WGA members to write the episode, and the seventh season was cut-off, but finished, at eleven episodes, even though neither Lawrence nor ABC Studios knew where it would be broadcasted. Although because of the strike there were doubts and rumors of the seventh season being the last, it was reported in February 2008 that ABC Studios was discussing with its corporate parent, ABC, about an eight season of Scrubs, and later the same day it was reported that NBC was fighting back with ABC over distribution rights to Scrubs (Schneider 1). Zach Braff later confirmed on his MySpace blog that Scrubs would be moving to ABC, and that the final NBC-aired episode would be aired on May 8th,
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