The Importance Of The Flag

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Imagine a flag moving majestically across the wind on top of a flag pole and how this flag is a big representation of our country. How did this flag become our nation's most symbolic icon? It was not until the year 1777 when congress decided to create a flag. In this report you will discover the importance of the stars and stripes and what they represent for our country. This flag is not only a piece of fabric and stitching to people, but it is symbolic to everyone and should be respected by every single citizen. The first Flag of the United States that was ever created had 13 stars and 13 stripes, each with its own representation. The stars that were on the flag were in a circular formation. There are many names for the flag of the United States of America. Some of the names used for the flag are Stars and Stripes and Old Glory. No one really knows who really made the first flag, but there have been numerous rumors. The Legend of the Creators of the Flag…show more content…
One person that is suspected to have made the first flag was a lady by the name of Betsy Ross. This rumor was said to have been started by her grandson by the name of William J. Canby. It was said that she was contacted by George Washington and two other people who were in congress. Some historians believe that she was the maker of the flag because she inherited a lot of money in 1777 for flag making. Though some people believe that she was the first maker of the flag this rumor is only just a legend. One reason why this story is not true is because there are no proper records to show that she really made it. Another person that was thought to be the maker of the first flag of the United States went by the name of Francis Hopkins. Francis Hopkins was part of the congress. Francis Hopkins was from New Jersey. It was said that he was responsible for creating the first Stars and
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