Universal Studios Target Audience

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Universal Studios is a major theme park, consisting of two parks, Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure. These parks are located in Orlando, Florida, which is home to two of its largest competitors, Walt Disney World and SeaWorld. Considering all three of these major theme parks are located within a close proximity of each other and are very successful, they must each have their own group of loyal customers that keep coming back. “Universal Studios in Orlando is the second most popular attraction among Orlando visitors and receives a broad cross-section of local, domestic and international visitors (Belge, McCarthy, Osman, Saranathan, 2011, pg. 21).” That being said, it has a lot of competition with Walt Disney World for the number one spot. Although Universal Studios has other competition with other theme parks within the area, it also has its own separate target market. Universal Studios targets a larger market of people ranging from families with younger children, young adults, and even couples (Belge, et al. 2011, pg. 21). Universal has a larger target market because of the variety of attraction…show more content…
210). This is commonly used to identify the target market. Universal focuses on the type of people they want to attract based on the ages, family size and income that these families have. All of these are put into consideration when marketing. Reasonably priced tickets is important to bringing in customers because generally speaking, their target market is within the middle class. Age is also important because Universal Studios is aiming to make the park kid and adult friendly to keep a wide range of people coming back. They must use the age demographics to keep things updated and enjoyable for people of all different ages, considering that’s whom they are

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