Readymade: Target Segmentation Strategy

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ReadyMade markets itself as a magazine catering to GenNest and also appeals to a wider variety of readers. ReadyMade wants to cater to the shoppers who shop at Home Depot, Ace and Lowes customers. ReadyMade is not about putting people in boxes they want their product to be simple to understand and simply to use. In order for them to develop common attributes that could be applied to various age group of people I think they need to use the positioning segment to target their marketing mix. In today’s society technology is one aspect ReadyMade can use to attract a wider market for their product, by creating a face book page and offering a free subscription to all who reads the ad for the first time. In positing their brand on Facebook not only…show more content…
In order to keep their loyal customers ReadMade need to reinforce it with every purchase by rewarding them for their loyalty and thanking them for their business. ReadyMade communicate the demographic of its reader base to advertisers by the use of segmentation bases. Using the segmentation base is crucial because an inappropriate segmentation strategy may lead to lost sales and missed profit opportunity. Use age group, gender and education has an advantage of being simpler and easier to use. ReadyMade need to use Demographic Segmentation and Company Characteristics when it markets to business and investors. Demographic Segmentation are age, gender, income, ethnic back ground, and family life cycle. In market to the age segmentation ReadyMade has a verities of different age group such as tweens, teens through the generation X who make purchasing decisions for their families. Gender Segmentation is made up of 85 percent women and such company as Harley-Davison is now trying to attract more women likewise the weight-loss programs which service 90 percent are female consumer and are now targeting men. Income segmentation is a popular target for marketing because it determines the level of consumers buying power. Ethic groups and buying power had increase so much it is now necessary for catered to meet the needs and wants of this group. Last family life cycle segmentation is factors by gender, age and income. Consumers in this group are receptive to marketing efforts. In using company characteristics is one advantage for ReadyMade to effectively organized it company by geographic location and the type of company they

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