Three Philosophies Of Illegal Prostitution

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Illegal Prostitution Prostitution, defined as the act of having sex in exchange for money. The word is always related to negativity; drugs, human trafficking, exploitation and more. When we hear the word prostitution we always think about negative things, because that is the meaning that society has given to it; therefore is safe to say that the word prostitution has a negative connotation. We will review the legalization of prostitution in Netherlands in 1999, how this affected the country, society, and government. We will also review how the legalization of prostitution opened doors for human trafficking. Lastly, we will review harm reduction of prostitution and rescue and restore utilizing three philosophies: utilitarianism, liberalism,…show more content…
Utilitarianism believes in the action that promotes the greatest good for the most people. Harm reduction will promote safe sex and the use of condoms while rescue and restore will focus on removing prostitutes out of prostitution. The philosophy of utilitarianism will support whichever do greatest good for the most people. Providing condoms and encouraging safe sex in the prostitution field ca always turn into abusive clients that can physically harm the prostitute during sexual encounter. Other harm reduction strategy can be education and empowerment but none of these can completely remove violence. To the eyes of utilitarianism because the goods achieved by rescue and restore can be more complete and permanent that the harm reduction, it is safe to say that rescue and restore is ethically superior to approach prostitution. The second philosophy is liberalism, liberalism means to respect and maximize the rights of the individual and not the people as a means to another ends. Prostitution strikes on individual human rights because the vast majority is pimp controlled. Prostitutes are often unable to negotiate the use of condoms or the type of sex performed. The amount of income that the pimp obtains is directly related to the exploitation of the prostitute, which also compromises the rights of prostitutes. Under the liberalism philosophy, harm reduction should work towards eliminating pimp control, however removing exploitation and forced prostitution does not remove all harms because the threats of sexually transmitted diseases remain. Therefore, under liberalism, rescue and restore is ethically superior because it will

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