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CA 3 Business Models November 24 2014 Victoria Connolly x00116964, Caitriona Maher x00011217 Porters Five Forces for ISPCC Porters five forces in a not-for-profit environment (NPO) The Five forces Model is a tool that was developed by Michael Porter. It is used to analyse competitive rivalry in the business sector. The factors that are unique to this sector are substituted in place of company terms. The tool is suitable for the NPO sector and is to be used to gain an understanding of the environment. It will be used to identify the effects that other organisations and key stakeholders have on the chosen NPO. Service Provider Power This determines how much pressure is placed on the organisation or project in relation to sub-contractors…show more content…
There would be increased competition for funds. Entry barriers can exist by way of donor loyalty or high fixed costs. The advantages and disadvantages of this tool Advantages It can determine Service provider power, Donor Power, Competitive rivalry, Threat of Substitution and threat of new entry. It is similar in ways to a Marketers SWOT analysis. PM Carson Consulting (2010) Disadvantages Disadvantages are as Follows; 21st century criticisms, Industry definition can be difficult, provides a snapshot only, the non-market forces are ignored, market structure fairly static, only suits simple market structures and assumes market is competitive. Free Management Books (2014) The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to…show more content…
The society spread to the United Kingdom and Ireland by the late 1800’s and the Irish branch was renamed the NSPCC (National) in 1956. ISPCC (2014) Funding: A large portion of the funding requirement has typically been raised through fundraising drives and the generosity of the public, with a smaller percentage of funding being provided through government grants. In this paper we look at the ISPCC using Porters Five Forces business model, adapting where necessary for a non-profit organisation. We have chosen this company as recent appeals are suggesting that the Childline night service is facing closure due to funding crisis. “The ISPCC mission is to advocate on behalf of all children in Ireland and to provide a range of independent unique services which are preventative and empowering in nature.” The ISPCC and Childine brand are recognised all over Ireland and would be one of the biggest most recognised Irish NPO. Service provider power How much pressure is placed on ISPCC in relation to service providers and sub-contractors. ISPCC’S service providers and sub-contractors include: MCD, Nestle breakfast cereals, Brown Thomas, Ogilivy, Harvey Norman, Matheson, Eircom, Penneys, Presence communications and Elverys. ISPCC

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