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I find this novel, Love in a Headscarf by Shelina Zahra Janmohamed very interesting and amusing in a sense that it is readable, has its own humor and very relaxing. As I read this novel, it feels as if I am reading my own favorite romantic Malay novels. When I first read this novel, I noticed something different from all the novel I have read so far (mostly Malay). Usually, when we open a novel, it will begin with an epilogue. Interestingly and surprisingly, when I read this novel by Janmohamed, we will find its epilogue at the end of the chapter. In my opinion, Janmohamed wanted to emphasize the end of something would be the beginning of another thing. I think that is why she put the epilogue in the very end of her novel. Love in a Headscarf is a memoir of Janmohamed herself containing her life journey in a search to find love of the one and love of the Divine, the challenges she faces during that journey and great experiences she gathers. Through her journey, she also discovers something else that is the wisdom of being a Muslim woman. In this novel, Janmohamed talks a lot about love, marriage, culture, education and Islam. Shelina Zahra Janmohamed…show more content…
As Janmohamed (2010) said, “it became difficult to engage in ordinary activities if you were a Muslim.” (p.141). Some women and even Janmohamed herself who feared being attacked as they openly revealed that they were Muslims because of hijab have considered whether to wear hijab when they go out. But thankfully they are firm with their belief. In my opinion, I know that it is hard to bear and they will always be in fear but they should believe that Allah will always be with them. “Say to yourself: I am in Allah's presence; He is watching me. If ever you are alone, He is the second and that if you are two, He is the third. He is with you wherever you are.” (Al-Mujadillah 58:

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