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SECULARISM IN INDIA - MYTH OR REALITY? ekam sad viprā bahudhā vadanti This popular Rigvedic phrase, says that "all religions are same". A most common translation runs as "truth is one; wise call it by many names". Is it really so? No other term has been discussed, interpreted, re-interpreted and misinterpreted in our country as “secularism”. The term in fact is confusing and confuses many! The beginning of the Preamble to our Constitution describes our country as a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic. The features of secularism have been rightly described by P.M. Bakshi, former Member of our Law Commission, and by the great scholar and our former President S. Radhakrishnan: P.M.Bakshi, in his book, The Constitution of India,…show more content…
Secularism pervades its provisions which give full opportunity to all persons to profess, practice and propagate a religion of their choice. The Constitution not only guarantees a person’s freedom of religion and conscience, but also ensures freedom for one who has no religion, and it scrupulously restrains the State from making any discrimination on grounds of religion.” S.Radhakrishnan, in his book, Recovery of Faith, talks about secularism in our country in detail: “When India is said to be a secular state, it does not mean that we reject the reality of an unseen spirit or the relevance of religion to life, or that we exalt irreligion. It does not mean that secularism itself becomes a positive religion or that the state assumes divine prerogatives. We hold that not one religion should be given preferential…show more content…
Hinduism is a faith that supports the development of the secular state in India. It also has a strong belief in the freedom of conscience and tolerance of religious diversity. This is not rightly projected and understood by the people. This is the strength of the Hindu religion which is now misinterpreted and misunderstood. Secularism in the Indian context implies respect for pluralism and a non-coercive and a voluntary attitude to change. Respect for diversity not only showcases the democratic spirit, it is the real hallmark of unity. We should value democracy and our philosophy. No democracy can ever come in the way of diversity and pluralism in the name of unity. Secular ethics can be strengthened only when the minds of people are secular. Secularism has been our foundation on which our growth and success

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