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Scope of Practice Initial Response The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) Rule 217.11 Standards of Nursing Practice defines the proficient level of care throughout the nursing process (Texas Board of Nurses [BON], 2007). These professional standards provide guidance to sustain competent nursing practice (BON, 2007). Standards are set to enable nurses to reflect on their current nursing practice and assess areas that may need modifications in order to achieve a higher level of performance (Milton, 2008). These professional standards are important to nurses because they allow guidance in our clinical practice as well as hold us accountable for any clinical decisions we make (Milton, 2008). They act as a resource for nurses to analyze their current…show more content…
The six steps include: Step one- identify if the task is in compliance with the Nurse Practice Act; Step two- determine if the task requires a physician or standing order to conduct the particular task; Step three- identify if there is evidence based practice to justify the efficacy of the task; Step four- determine if the nurse is properly educated and trained to perform the task at hand; Step five- identify if a nurse with similar credentials and experience who meets the minimum standard of nursing care find such actions reasonable; Step six- realize that the decisions and actions you take as a nurse may result in ramifications (BON, n.d.). As nurses, we must be educated, trained and have the skill competency to perform any particular task (BON, n.d.). Nurses must be self aware of their physical and emotional state to ensure it is compatible with the…show more content…
First, the plaintiff must prove that the nurse was responsible for providing reasonable care (Walker, 2011). Second, the plaintiff must prove that the nurse did not implement a minimum standard of care (Walker, 2011). Third, the plaintiff must prove that the actions taken by the nurse caused physical and emotional damage resulting in decrease quality of life (Walker, 2011). Fourth, the plaintiff must prove that their negative outcome was thoroughly a result from the nurses negligence (Walker, 2011). If the defendant is able to prove otherwise then the case will be dismissed (Walker, 2011). The plaintiff must provide evidence of all four elements or they will not be able to file for nursing malpractice due to lack of evidence (Walker,

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