Comparison Of Horror Films In The Conjuring And Carrie

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Horror movies are often known as films that are unsettling and designed to frighten the audience and to make them feel uneasy at the same time. It scares people intentionally and even causes their heart rate to increase at climax scenes. The Conjuring and Carrie fall under the category of horror genre films. There are a lot of differences between both the horror films. The first horror movie that I have decided to compare is The Conjuring which is directed by James Wan whereas the second horror movie that I am going to compare is Carrie which is directed by Kimberly Peirce. The Conjuring was about a family moved into a forlorn farmhouse in 1971. Strange things began to take place right after they had moved in. They were being threatened by spectral menace frequently. Meanwhile Carrie is a horror film, which begins with a young girl called Carrie White, was being humiliated physically and mentally by a bunch of girls in high school. she then discovered her inhuman power. She…show more content…
The Conjuring was first about a family of seven moved into a dilapidated house in Rhode Island. The house had been possessed by the spectral demons. Many terrifying incidents occurred in the house before and after they had shifted. On the contrary, Carrie was totally a fabricated story. It was just a make up story by the writer. Carrie White was a shy and an introvert girl. She often got mocked at and bulled by her schoolmates. When the first time she first had her period during the gym class, she had no idea what was it. She thought she was bleeding to death. Her classmates did not lend her a hand instead throwing pads at her. She then found out about her inhuman strength. She could no longer bear with the humiliation when she was on the stage during the prom night after got pranked by pouring pork blood on her. She revealed her power and murdered everyone in the ballroom. At last, she

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