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This is a research paper summarizing our Science Fair Project. We are building an articulate hand, and we are predicting that our hand can pick up and hold around 6.6-11Kg. Our hand will be made of wood and other materials, and we will be using a variety of tools. The originated word for robot came from the Czech word robota, and it turned out to translate into something like “forced labor.” In 1963, the first artificial robotic arm controlled by a computer was designed. It was called the “Rancho Arm.” It had 6 joints and was designed as a tool for the handicapped. Robots can perform many tasks that humans would usually say are too dangerous or could not repetitively complete the process. What would people probably choose? To put a car on a lift and work from underneath or to jack up a car and crawl underneath and work? This is just one example of how robots make our lives a little more convenient.…show more content…
Normally, a computer runs and controls the robot by rotating individual step motors on each joint, so 6 step motors are on the arm and one must be moved at a time for a joint to pivot to complete a task. Just think, a human hand would become tired and that person would not be able to do the same task over and over again. A step motor, however, moves with precise movements. For example, a robot applies the same amount of force, and punches the same hole no matter how many hours it

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