Lady Macbeth's Disturbia

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“Disturbia” by Rihanna In Act IV, Lady Macbeth is falling subject to insanity, a result that arises from the sins she has committed. “Disturbia” depicts Lady Macbeth’s growing mental instability. She cannot discuss her sinful actions or “even speak about it” (“Disturbia”) with anyone, other than herself. Because she has bottled up her guilt, Lady Macbeth continually reflects her actions and comes to regret them. The insanity has become “a thief in the night” (“Disturiba”), seizing her control over her secrecy of the murders. Lady Macbeth frequently sleepwalks at night, so the gentlewoman seeks the advice of a doctor. They observe “how she rubs her hands” (Shakespeare 5.1.28-29), trying to wash off the blood and guilt. However, due to its severity,

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