Erick Schlosser's Fast Food Nation

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Fast Food Nation (The Dark Side of the All-American Meal) is a book written to Erick Schlosser, an investigative journalist. The book examines the local and global fast food industry in of United States of America. In 1999, the book was first serialized by Rolling Stone. (Schlosser 02). The book has two sections: “Meat and Potatoes” and “The American Way”. The section The American way draws its interests on the beginning of the Fast Food Nation interrogated in the context of events after the World War two. (Schlosser 02). On the other hand, Meat and Potatoes section examine processing and mechanization of Fast Food Industry in America. This included food chemical flavoring, working conditions of beef industry and production of chicken and…show more content…
In addition to that, the paper will craft an argument that will convince the readers to change the way they think, do things, or behavior as explained in the selected topic. In order to fulfill the requirements of the assignment, the paper is based on one topic “what we eat”. Fast food in America has become one of the most factors that drive the economy. At least over the last three decades, the American has been infiltrated by fast food. The fast food industry first began with the small quantity of fast food in the State of California. The influence of the industry has spread to every part of America and to a bigger extent all over the world. The industry is fulfilling the wants of its customers by processing a wide range of food stuffs with a purpose of reaching its market. The industry has taken a good distributing strategy where the food is being distributed in cafeterias, in school, bus stages and restaurants. The nation is known to spend more on fast food than what is spent in a combination of magazines, videos, newspapers, books and…show more content…
As explain above, it is clear how people enter into the restaurant or buy fast food brought to them without washing hands. This brings hygienic problem. It may result into complications that are brought by hygienic issues. In addition to that, fast food may be infected by toxins due to lack of good management in storage (Haber 68). There is also a speculation that fast food cause obesity and it is tasteless. The latter, as from the writer of the book, it is explained that he has tasted most of the fast foods and they taste sweet. My argument based on the topic examined in the book Fast Food Nation is that fast food industry has become one of the most popular foods in the world. It is good that people should think otherwise rather than just be against the industry. According to the food industry has a lot of influence on the economic and social aspects. For instance, the industry has made it faster to prepare food. This spares time for economic activities. It is a high to me people should think ways on improving the industry rather than fighting

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