Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation

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What makes meat so good that drives us to want to eat them so badly? The answer is certainly hidden behind the cheap manufacturing slaughterhouses. In Eric Schlosser’s book “ Fast Food Nation” talks about the impact of fast food nation on the American society today. How it’s came to be, the background and history of fast food. As fast food slowly develop in our country, which also comes with greater hidden hazards. Meatpacking has always been the issue when it comes across to the most dangerous job. As it’s interpreted in chapter eight of the book, the most dangerous job. Even though slaughtering now days are operated by machines, but the workers still have to butchering the large pieces of meat. Not to mention the germs and pathogens thats carried around when butchering. Workers often faced harsh working conditions. In addition to low wage and long working hours, works are more easily to make mistakes, which can end up with greater injuries. As the profit of meat and need for meat start to go up, workers had to work faster in order to keep their job.…show more content…
Many times they wouldn't get help if they were injured the owner of the slaughterhouse would just send them to a lower wage job. Working in a slaughter is the most dangerous job, people were risking their lives to work in a meat packing company. Workers often faces meat that carries pathogens such as E-Coli and other bacterias. As well this chapter argues about how the companies started to hire immigrants from other country to do the hard labor. This chapter also talks about meat process and how they had to work fast in order to keep up the need from the fast food industry. Due to the need, working in fast pace which partly caused the accidents and

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